Mission Statement

We made the choice to open this division of our company as another avenue to help our clients save more money!  Clients get more money in their pocket when they are not paying as much in closing costs. Sellers, Buyers and Borrowers are often happy to know that their escrow fees are a fraction of what other companies offer. 

Closers Done Right abides by an upstanding business ethic to ensure our clients are aware of our financial interest in this division. We always allow our clients to choose whether or not to use this service we offer. Closers Done Right wants our clients to be happy and know that they have options when it comes to their closing services. 

In California, escrow processing can be performed under various forms of licensure. Real estate brokers licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate can also perform escrows, but only in transactions where the broker is acting as an agent. We also utilize a sub escrow division of our title company to ensure accuracy, quality and compliance. 

Closers Done Right is Homes and Loans Done Right, Inc in-house escrow office. We are  A Non-independent Broker Escrow and governed by the Department of Real Estate license number 02020867.

We strictly adhere to the Business and Professions Code http://www.dre.ca.gov/files/pdf/relaw/2016/excerpts.pdf